Not all items available for sponsorship are pictured ... Some have not yet been constructed or purchased.

We are always seeking people to partner with us by sponsoring areas or items at the Refuge in memory or in honor of a loved one. 

Sponsorships at the Hope, Joy, and Anchor level include the following privileges ...

** Naming rights for the area or item being sponsored.

** The name you choose will be prominently displayed in your sponsored area or on your sponsored item.
** That area or item will be referred to by your chosen “name” in all documents and communications
** Recognition on our website, along with your name and a link to your foundation or company website, if applicable.
** One-time use of the While We’re Waiting Refuge for your family, church, or company event
** Option for scheduled speaking appearance by the While We’re Waiting Team (Larry & Janice Brown, parents of fallen SEAL Team SIX member Adam Brown and/or Brad & Jill Sullivan, parents of 17-year-old Hannah Sullivan, who died of brain cancer) at your company, church, or foundation function
** Annual report on While We're Waiting activities and finances

Sponsorships at the $1,500 level or below include the following privilege ...

** A plaque will be placed on or near the item you have sponsored with the name of your loved one prominently displayed.

Items/Areas currently available for sponsorship:   

(Please Note -- This list is subject to change without notice as items/areas are sponsored.)

$25,000 level – Hope Sponsor
Naming rights for the sitting room - This item has been


 $15,000 level – Joy Sponsor
4-seater utility vehicle - This item is still available.

$10,000 level – Joy Sponsor
Naming rights for guest room corridor - This item has

been  sponsored.

 $5,000 level – Anchor Sponsor
Flagstone walkways to fire pit area - These items have

been sponsored.

$1,500 level
Skeet launcher to be used at Dads' events - This item has been

4-tier fountain - This item has been sponsored.

$1,000 level
3 A-frame bench swings - These items have been sponsored.

 $750 level
Large boulder bench - This item has been sponsored.

$500 level
Small boulder bench - This item has been sponsored.
4 All-weather benches - These items have been sponsored.

$300 level
4 Sugar maple trees - These have all been sponsored

$150 level
7 Lavender-flowering crepe myrtles - These have all been


Sponsorship Opportunities at the While We're Waiting Refuge

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these items or areas, please complete the contact form below and we will get in contact with you within the next 24-48 hours to make arrangements.