June 25, 2016

Moms' Mini-Retreat

in Hot Springs, Arkansas

While We're Waiting

When a parent loses a child, they are faced with the reality that they may have many years ahead of them on this earth before they are reunited with that child in Heaven. As we face those seemingly interminable years, we have some choices to make...

Are we going to abandon our faith or apply our faith?

Are we going to allow our grief to make us bitter, or allow God to use that grief to make us better?

How are we going to live so that our Lord and our child are honored by our lives?

How are we going to live while we're waiting for that glorious reunion?

The "While We're Waiting" weekend retreats are designed to help bereaved parents answer these questions in a way that would honor God.

In addition to our retreats, While We're Waiting offers the following services ... 

Other Services

We offer three types of retreats at this time ...

-- One day mini-retreats just for Moms

-- Weekend-long retreats just for Dads

-- Weekend-long retreats for singles and               couples

These retreats allow parents from across the country to meet and spend a weekend together.  At these events, we share our stories with each other and pray for one another.   We discuss issues faced by bereaved, but believing, parents, and encourage each other on the journey.  Our retreats provide parents with a safe place to openly discuss their grief among those who truly understand.  

There is no cost for any of these events; however a love offering is taken at each one to help offset the expense of hosting the retreat.  We never want financial need to prohibit someone from coming.

Our Retreats

October 14-16, 2016

Weekend for Parents

While We're Waiting Refuge

​Hot Springs, Arkansas

We have additional upcoming events and locations ... Click the link under each date for all the details.  

Upcoming Events

"We were very nervous about attending the While We're Waiting Weekend retreat ... opening up our deepest hurt in front of strangers.  It was an absolute blessing to attend! The support of everyone, the laughter as well as tears, all blessed us and took all our nervousness away. We are so grateful for you and your ministry."  

~Colby's Mom and Dad

“It was amazing being in the same room with precious Christian women who love their children and who are so thankful for God's love, mercy, and grace.  My heart has been truly blessed and encouraged today.  While We're Waiting is a God-given ministry to help parents grieve with HOPE!"   ~Austin's Mom


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October 28-30, 2016

Weekend for Dads

While We're Waiting Refuge

Hot Springs, Arkansas


  • Sending Hope Packages to newly-bereaved parents -- Click here to request a Hope Package for yourself or someone else
  • Maintaining a Facebook page.  If you are on Facebook, and if you have a child in Heaven, click here and request to join.  It's a closed group, limited only to parents who have lost children.
  • Hosting a faith-based support group for bereaved parents in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Click here for more information.